Dangers of Commercial Dog Food For Your Dog

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Unfortunately many commercial dog food companies are being sued for causing sickness and even death to our beloved four-legged friends. Commercial dog food manufacturers use added ingredients in the dog food as bulking agents, flavor enhancers, preservatives and so many other chemicals and additives that it is no wonder our pets are getting sick!

Dogs are like people, they are what they eat. 40% of dogs today are obese. 46% now die from cancer. Poor nutrition is thought to be the leading culprit for the increase in dog illnesses and early death. The Purina Lawsuit alleges their products contain ingredients that have caused illness and death in thousands of dogs. The problem is commercial dog food companies can get away with putting ghastly stuff into their commercial dog foods.

There are many myths surrounding dog food and we’d like to put some to rest.

WARNING! This video about commercial dog food contains graphic content, not suitable for young children or those easily upset.

5 Myths About Dog Food

  1. It’s Okay to Give Dogs Processed Food

All processed foods are bad for a dog’s health, just like junk, fast food is for us. Many people feed their dog’s junk food too, the odd hot dog or fries. This is causing them to gain weight and to suffer similar conditions obese people have to contend with. It isn’t kind giving your dog these treats, it is destroying their health.

  1. Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Human Food

Wrong! Human food is good for dogs, our nutritional needs are very similar, dogs need good healthy food to help build their immune system and to ward off illness and disease. The old adage that dogs can eat anything isn’t true if you want a healthy and well pet.

  1. Commercial Dog Food is Best for My Dog

Umm.. no! Many people assume the ingredients in dog food are normal animal by-products that are not used for human consumption. Many fail to realise there are the 4 D’s that can legally be added to commercial dog food. Want to know what they are? Prepare to be shocked, meat from dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals.

Add to this the animals collected from the roadside, euthanized pets, corn that may be contaminated by pesticides so is unfit for humans (so who said it’s okay for dogs?) plus a whole bunch of other stuff that is unfit for human consumption. Add to that chemicals that are used in our car’s antifreeze… and well I think you can see if we only knew what went into the commercial food we certainly wouldn’t have it in the house let along feed it to our best buddies.

Bear in mind, the cheaper the commercial food the lower quality of standards as to the ingredients.

  1. Special Vet Recommended Foods

We all know what a good job our vet does for our pets but we also know they charge the earth. It’s no secret that the mark-up on products sold by the vet is in excess of 300%, medicines and so forth. (See Marketplace for their in depth study into this)

Well most vets recommend a type of pet food, most I have seen recommend the Science Diet. I haven’t looked into the nitty gritty of this diet as it’s very expensive and is still commercial dog food with lots of added ingredients. I prefer home-made dog food to commercial any day.

But remember, your vet is earning a commission for every bag of dog food he sells so is he really impartial? Or doe she just want to make even more money?

  1. If The Food Smells Bad Give it to The Dog

This crazy one is people having spoiled food that cannot be eaten by the family so it is fed to the poor family dog! Listen up people! If it will make you sick, it will make the dog sick! We are very similar so please don’t feed your dog food that has “gone off.”

When you feed your dog healthy home-made food you will be saving a fortune on vets bills. There are ways to cut your costs to make homemade dog food recipes more economical, it doesn’t have to break the bank!

Remember certain foods are toxic to dogs. never give your dog these products.

  • Chocolate
  • Grapes
  • Raisins
  • Alcohol
  • Avocado
  • Onions
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Xylitol

Never feed bones to your dog, not even the roasted knuckle bones found in pet stores. Chicken bones splinter and can become embedded in the dog’s throat, stomach or intestines causing internal ruptures.

The best thing you can do for your pet is to get some easy, healthy home-made recipes and prepare his food yourself. You will see an amazing difference in your dog’s overall health and well-being.

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