Understanding Scooting in Dogs – Dragging Bum Across Floor

german shepherd dog scooting


Scooting is when a dog sits on the floor, lifts and extends his hind legs and uses his front paws to drag his anus across the floor. This action is generally because his anus is itchy and irritated.

Parasites can cause your dog to do this type of action. Most dog owners think this is just a funny antic the dog is doing but it is an indication that something is wrong and needs prompt attention.

Scooting however is not just caused by parasites. Other issues with the anus could be the cause, therefore if your dog exhibits this type of behavior then it needs to be investigated further with your veterinarian.

Other causes of scooting, other than parasites, could be an anal gland infection, anus tumors, infection and injuries to the anal area.

Another possible cause of your dog scooting is a flea bite allergy. This type of allergy can cause your dog to nip and attempt to bite his anal area and then leads to the scooting action of dragging his butt across the floor.

Cestodiasis in dogs is a parasitic infection that causes tapeworms. Tapeworms can cause severe itching of the anus and the dog will scoot across the floor in an attempt to ease the symptoms.

Tapeworm segments in his bowels and anus may then be left on your flooring which is a health hazard especially if you have young kids crawling about.

Tapeworm segments look like small grains of rice. Take a stool sample to your vets for examination under a microscope to rule out tapeworm infection.

Sometimes tapeworms are evident in a dog’s bowel movement. They are white in color and turn yellow after they leave the body. They can also be visible around your dog’s anus.

Some dogs suffer with anal gland infections that require regular cleaning out by the dog owner or veterinarian.

If you see your dog scooting across the floor, be sure to get him checked out by your vet promptly to obtain the correct treatment for his discomfort.

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