Homemade Raw Dog Food – Is it the Best option for My German Shepherd Dog?

In recent years many people are turning to the raw food diet for optimum health, they claim raw food contains all the essential nutrients that cooking destroys.

The same is becoming true for our pets. In the wild dogs certainly wouldn’t be eating cooked or commercially made dog food.

raw dog food diet planThey would survive eating raw meats that they hunt down and kill, just like their close ancestors the wolves.

Advocates for the raw food dog diet claim dogs are used to digesting raw meats, consuming rabbits, mice, and anything else they can hunt down.

Commercial kibble type dog foods came into existence after World War I and canned dog foods only came into existence in the 1950’s. Dog owners found that this was an easy and convenient way to feed their dogs.

The problems arose when the commercial foods started increasing the grain content of dog foods to bulk them up, corn, wheat rice, soy and grains. Dogs are not accustomed to eating these types of products. In recent years our dog’s health has started to suffer with cancer leading the cause of death in dogs.

Most dog owners that have investigated commercial foods have come to the conclusion the poor quality and low-grade ingredients along with the inclusion of grains has led to their dog’s ill health.

Many lawsuits have been filed against leading commercial dog food manufacturers blaming the dog food for causing illness and death to their beloved pets.

A typical raw dog food diet provides all the essential nutrients your dog requires for optimum health.

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Raw Dog Food Diet

  • Protein is essential for overall dog health. The protein needs to be varied from a variety of meat sources. Chicken, turkey, beef, venison and organ meats. Eggs are another good source of protein for dogs. Complete with the shell they provide calcium too.
  • Essential Fatty Acids Sardines and salmon help provide the fatty acids require din your dog’s raw food diet plan.
  • Carbohydrates Vegetables and fruits supply much needed vitamins and carbs to your dog’s raw diet plan. Sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, apples and bananas. Dogs love to crunch on carrots as a treat.You can even make a smoothie for your dog doe he can get the full benefits of the nutrients and fiber.
  • Getting to the Bones of The Matter We all know that dog bones are not healthy for your pet, especially cooked bones. Even those big roasted rawhide dog bones sold in pet stores can splinter and perforate vital organs. It simply isn’t worth the risk. Raw bones are best if you feed bones to your dogs.

Foods to Avoid

  • Never ever feed your dog the guts of animals, they contain parasites and can make your dog very ill. This includes the stomach and small and large intestines.

In order to be sure you are not feeding your pet parasites from the raw food he eats, we highly suggest freezing your dog’s raw meat for three days before he eats it. This way you can be certain if any parasites are present in the meat are destroyed.

There are online suppliers of raw dog food diet complete meals so you can just serve it up as required, however there has recently been several product recalls due to problems.

Therefore we suggest if you follow the raw dog food diet plan that you find some good online recipes and make your own meals for your dogs. As with everything, we highly recommend that you consult your dog’s veterinarian before starting him on a raw dog food diet plan.

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