german shepherd

How To Treat Dog Fleas and Parasites Effectively It is important for German Shepherd dog owners to give priority to dog fleas and other parasites. Fleas can cause some serious health issues for dogs, including flea allergies and dermatitis. Dog flea allergies are quite common, when your dog is bitten by a flea and he is allergic to it, you will find he will have hairless patches of skin. Most dog owners think the bald patches are just from the…

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Commercial Dog Food

Dangers of Commercial Dog Food For Your Dog Click Here to Get Started Today!  Unfortunately many commercial dog food companies are being sued for causing sickness and even death to our beloved four-legged friends. Commercial dog food manufacturers use added ingredients in the dog food as bulking agents, flavor enhancers, preservatives and so many other chemicals and additives that it is no wonder our pets are getting sick! Dogs are like people, they are what they eat. 40% of dogs today…

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raw dog food diet plan

Homemade Raw Dog Food – Is it the Best option for My German Shepherd Dog?

positive reinforcement techniques

Why Punishment Training Methods Are Not Effective If you are new to dog ownership and training, you may not realize that there are many different ways of training your German Shepherd dog. If you do a simple online search for dog training methods, you are likely to come up with thousands of results. While there are a number of training methods that are safe and effective, methods involving punishment of the dog are generally not recommended for a variety of reasons….

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Dangers of Muzzles and Choke Collars

Are There Any Dangers of Muzzles and Choke Collars for My Shepherd? There are times in which it may be useful or necessary to use a muzzle or choke collar on your dog, but if you do not know how to properly use them, you could end up seriously injuring your dog. Before using one of these collars on your dog, take the time to learn about the appropriate applications, as well as basic safety precautions. A well trained German…

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Should I Use Puppy-Training Pads To Housetrain My Shepherd? When you first bring a new German Shepherd puppy home, one of your first responsibilities is to housetrain him. The sooner you begin housetraining, the sooner you can stop worrying about coming home to find a puddle or pile in the middle of the kitchen floor. When it comes to housetraining, there are a variety of methods to choose from, and one of them is puppy-training pads. Before you choose a…

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